Presstein Company produces packaging that are printed in full color, made out of bended cardboards of various types, duplex cardboards, cardboards for shoes, etc., starting from simple boxes (white or natural color) all the way until boxes where the paper can be fully printed, after which they are foliated on the bended cardboards or directly printed on the duplex cardboards up to a weight of 400gr/mp, after which it is folded in different shapes requested by the client.

Also our company produces boxes where the printing is done by screen printing, which gives the boxes a high quality printing. Collective boxes are within our line of packaging production, which are assembled according to European standards, only through adhesion.

Cardboard boxes produced in large series by the Presstein Company can be boxes from the dimensions of only a few centimeters (boxes for bathroom products, medication, fragrances, etc.), boxes of medium dimensions (boxes for footwear, mobile phones, drinks, pizza, biscuits, boxes for games, etc.), and boxes of large dimensions.

Production capacity of our company: for boxes printed in full color – approximately 40.000 piece/month, collective boxes of various sizes – approximately 10.000 piece/month.

For some years our company produces wood packagings, which are made out of plywood. The lower part of the box is designed to be made out of pallet; the four sides are folded, while the cap is reinforced by panel braces. These works all together gives the box maximum rigidity being resistant to a load of approximately 350/400 kg.

All these wooden packages were designed by the engineers and foremen of our company.